Monday, 11 July 2011

Kate writes: thunder and lightening

Monday night run with Waiuku running group. It started to rain. Thats ok I thought! then large flashes of lightening, counted to 16 before the thunder came. We will be ok and get home before the storm. We were exactly half way round when the wind and hail came. I could not see and I had to shield my eyes from the hail, the rain was sticking to my eye lashes. I huffed and puffed eventually having to walk to catch my breath. Then run as fast as we could back to the car. I have never been that wet , except when I swim. It was a different experience. Not one I would like to do again, I did think we were going to die with a tornado hitting us or get electrocuted with the lightening. When we got back to the cars, we were all taking off clothing, pants and bras were on view but no one cared. Except the passerbys off to theoffice next door. I had to drive home with my tri shorts on, that I love but the pad was very wet and I sat on a towel but the seat still got wet. But we were ok and now I'm home and dry it seems like a distant memory! Hehehe.