Monday, 23 July 2012

Karen writes: Another week of non-training

Training wise, the last couple of weeks have been hopeless.  I found that I definitely can’t go for a run straight after having a physio session (ow), and was reminded of why running two days in a run (even short runs) is not a good idea when you have an ITB injury.   Last week’s training did not in any way resemble marathon training, it went like this …strength ….light spin/strength ….swim/physio/short run ….short run… light spin/strength… OFF… Sunday long-mostly walk.   I have rolled using a roller on the floor, stretched and done the exercises, and mostly followed instructions from the professionals.  So am I ready to run/walk a marathon taking less than 6 hours to do it?   Not sure, I had more leg pain while I was walking yesterday than I had previously had and there was no choice but to slow down.  

Each time my leg hurt I changed my gait/stride/pace and I hadn’t realised there were so many different ways of walking, each way using different sets of previously under-utilised muscles, some walking styles faster, some slower.   It’s only walking I can hear the runners say?  Go on try it, go out and WALK your long run as fast as you can!  Actually, don’t try that, it’s probably as good a way to get an injury there is…just don’t underestimate the fast walker!

Less than 5 weeks until the marathon, that is still a whole month of getting better.