Sunday, 29 July 2012

Karen writes: Good long run...sorry...walk

It's cold, still raining outside, it's been raining all day.  I'm sitting wrapped in a blanket with ice on my knee for the second time today, more of a precautionary measure than an "oops, done damage" thing fortunately.

This morning was a sort-of success, I'm happy I covered the planned distance, even if it was with dismal slowness.  Halfway through the session the twinges round the knee started, managed those by alternating between the slower walk and a walk/run and stretching, things got more uncomfortable for the last few km, but still manageable.  I got home, no obvious limping, and unlike when I fully 'run' a long run I didn't feel completely knackered afterwards.  I think...I think....I can hold out to complete the 42km in 3 weeks time, but it is always in my head...would I have the courage to pull out of the event if I got really sore?   Probably not, then Kate would have more medals than me!  Actually, I wouldn't be too silly about it and would stop if I had to, all I need to do is remember that the important event is the one in 7 months time (yes, Ironman is only 7 months away!), I wouldn't want to push so hard that it would take months longer to get over this pesky, and persistent injury.

The walking is interesting, I feel like I could walk forever at a brisk pace, but that achieves about a 8-9 minute km which wont get me to the finish in the 6 hour cutoff, and do I really want to be on the road that long anyway?  When I do the arm swinging, hip rotation, feet in a line thing I can get the speed up to 6.5-7.5 minute km but it is still really hard work (on the legs, not the cardiovascular system) doing that for more than a short time, a lot more practice is needed.

So this race-walker in training needs to put the icepack back in the freezer, put on another slathering of antiflam, get the dreaded roller out again and do the stretching thing and then have an early night.