Saturday, 28 July 2012

Karen writes: Olympic opening ceremony

No training today, it has taken a bit of mental arguing with myself because I did two of my best (minimal pain) recent walk/run training sessions on Wednesday and Thursday.  I took yesterday completely off training, and the sensible part of me says today off too.  The trouble is I want to get out again to confirm that I am really back on track and that it is alright to start building up again...for the less than 4 weeks left.

Fortunately there is a good excuse not to be off being madly energetic today.   The opening ceremony for the Olympic games is on so me and the girls are on the sofa in front of the TV, watching avidly, eating waffles with butter and golden syrup.  Bit of a worry being able to explain so many of the historical allusions (when did the things in my past become 'historical'?) to the young things.   Nodding along to the elder statesmen of the music industry...I thought...tubular many decades ago did I last hear that, what was I doing last time I heard that?!  If there is one bit we are likely to remember from the ceremony though, it has to be Rowan Atkinson and his alter ego, Mr Bean, and his stint with the orchestra.   

Oops, better pay attention, the athletes cant be too far away and I wouldn't dare miss New Zealand.   At a much smaller (minuscule) level...wish me luck tomorrow morning, after weeks of stretching and rolling and resting and strength training I'm hoping for my best session in ages.