Monday, 20 August 2012

Karen writes: Last long run before Brisbane

Sunday morning, breakfast of rice porridge at 5am, back to bed, then out of bed again at 7am, into running gear and out the door into...dense fog.

It was beautiful outside, but I found myself struggling, finding it tricky to breathe, legs sluggish and not wanting to carry me fast enough to get some sort of rhythm going.  I looked at the sport-band measuring my pace and found I was running slow even for me, a brief spurt of effort and then my speed would drop back down again.   That first 4km to get to Te Puru was unpleasant, and I suddenly realised that in spite of wearing just a singlet and tri-pants, I was over-warm in the damp, clinging fog.  Doesn't that bode well for the predicted mid 20's temperature for next Sundays event.

So it was an unmemorable 4km first-up.  Then another 4km back to Maraetai feeling a bit better having a good chat along the way to one of the Te Puru runners.  Then another 6km circuit being strict about not giving up and heading up the driveway when I ran past the letterbox, then a 7km out and back to Duders Beach along the coast.  Phew, home, stretch, shower and food.

Some days all the ingredients are there for a lovely run... good company, the mild weather, lots of beautiful morning scenery to admire before the visitors from the city get to the beach, a good rest beforehand, and spot-on with the nutrition, but it just doesn't come together.  Like this run, one heavy foot after another after another, thinking "I wish I didn't wish this was over".  You have to remind yourself that most runs aren't like that, remind yourself and believe it or you wouldn't get out of bed.

6 more sleeps and for me only two short runs before our last marathon before Ironman.