Monday, 27 August 2012

Kate writes:another one bites the dust

Its Monday morning and I am sitting in the sun on the gold coast. GC as I am told is the lingo for us from NZ. I have completed another marathon! It was a different experience as it was hot and dry! We do not do many of those. The 6 am start can be difficult but we are on NZ time and so it was really only 8am. A little cold and we had to keep warm by walking and stretching. The Aussies thought it was winter with gloves and coats on. We had spent a long time getting ready with 100 proof sunblock to stop getting sunburnt, so probably looked a little pale.

We lined up and off we went. First hill within the first 100 meters, but halfway up we saw the turn around point, wow we do not have to go up this hill again, that was a really nice surprise as thought we had to do it 5 times. I do not do hills but I ran this one, which means its not really a hill. The route was a little repetitive as it was a loop x 4, but I could not work out where I was most of the time anyway. The biggest problem was remembering to take the Gels. I had a plan to take them at either end of the loop but I could not work out where one end was, so when Karen saw me at one of the cross over places and shouted at me to eat I did. Its good to have support. 

It was an interesting group of runners and I soon started talking to anyone that would listen. You make friends very quickly and they become your best friends for the next 5 hours. Every time you see them you cheer them on and they do the same for you. In a way it was a nice run because you kept seeing the same people all the way round and I could see I was going faster as I left them behind.I came into the finish line at 4hrs 50 mins. 17 minutes faster than Rotorua. Not bad as I had a cold and little training over the last 2 weeks.

As I said earlier I am now in the GC and my thighs hurt can not walk too fast, but the spa this morning was good and after lunch I can feel a sleep and then a swim and then a spa with a glass of wine. Not  a bad life!