Sunday, 23 September 2012

Kate writes: crossbow

I'm sorry its been a little while since I last wrote. Life has been a little busy and I'm trying to train! I have a new plan with my coach and it started last Monday, unfortunately I did not look at it until Tuesday so missed a swim. But the rest of the week I have almost been good. I have done everything that was written in the plan but not necessarily the right amount of time. I mean to say I was out riding today and the rain clouds came over and it started to rain, so the decision was shall I ride for another 10 k or go to the cafe.  Well it did not take long to get back to Nick's cafe and I was sitting warmly inside when the rain came. Good decision.

Now I might have talked about this before but there are some strange places around. As I was riding down the road today I saw this man fishing. Strange as I was miles from the sea. He had in his hand a cross bow, you know like the ones Robin Hood used. Lying next to him was a large fish that he had got out of the creek. I nodded good morning and rode very fast down the road.

They say you have to watch the runners as they are the ones that find the bodies, but I think its just that when you are out running or biking you just see everything and there are some very strange things out there! What was the saying from Hill Street Blues - take care out there!