Thursday, 10 January 2013

Kate writes : I can fly!

Well that's what the man said in the shop. He said that I will go like a rocket when he had finished setting my bike up. I was like a kid in a toy shop yesterday. I went to have my bike set up and new bike shoes. My feet have actually grown! I am now running in a size 43 instead of a 40 when I first started running. Consequently my bike shoes have been a bit tight for some time. I had to wait for the visa bill to go down before I could add more. There were some nice shoes in the shop at a bargain price, but only one pair of specialized white carbon fibre soled ones in a size 42 and they fitted just like Cinderella. It took over an hour to have the bike set up. Seat post 2 cm higher, aero bars lower , cleats moved several times. I also had a water bottle fitted on the aero bars.

So last night off I went to see how it felt and yes it felt better, but no I do not go any faster, but maybe I will just feel better on the long rides. What was an interesting exercise was the water bottle! I am very stiff and trying to bend more to get my mouth down to the straw was definitely an experience. Good job there was no one following or else they might have thought I had Vodka in the bottle the way I wandered all over the road.