Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Karen writes: Unfinished pie business

Yesterday about 75km into our 110km ride I was mortified when I dropped the last bit of my bar of fruit and nut chocolate on the road along the coast at Kaiaua, and such was the state of my head at the time that if I'd thought there was any chance I could have applied the brakes and turned around and gone back for it before it turned into a little puddle of brown slush and soaked into the tarseal I would have, sad huh.  Instead I pedalled away in the sun and grieved for my last bit of delicious sugary, fatty, fruity, nutty energy until we made an emergency food and drink stop 15km later at the Kawakawa bay dairy.  As I came out of the shop clutching my treasure I made some sort of throwaway comment to Kate about the fact that what I really wanted was a pie and the guys on motorbikes who were there also having a break laughed and said something about my choice and how it might hamper efforts to pedal up the next big hill.

The chocolate was a lifesaver, and I went home after the ride and had proper recovery nutrition - v8 vegetable juice, banana, and milk drink, but that pie stayed in my head.  This morning I got up, I was a bit tired and had that drained feeling and realised I had no desire for my usual breakfast, so I headed off to work and stopped at the Whitford bakery, you guessed it, I had a steak and cheese PIE.

I enjoyed it.  Immensely.  Some might call that a poor nutritional choice.  I call it unfinished pie business.