Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Karen writes: Why don't I run every morning?

Tuesday morning seems to be run morning, with a swim later in the day, tide permitting.  This morning I was out of bed before 6am, it was dark (when did that happen?) and I hit the road feeling thoroughly righteous. What surprised me as I headed along the beach was the number of other people also out, runners going this way and that and a big group over on the beach I could barely make out in the gloom performing some sort of stretching exercise.  There were even children out jabbering away as they trotted along with their parents, that was impressive, mine were still unmoving lumps under the bedclothes.

The sun was just coming up as I got to the wharf at Magazine bay making everything I saw look spectacular, whether it was the silhouettes of birds standing on a wall against the light, or the first rays of sun filtered by the pohutukawa trees...can anything look as wonderful as the sun coming up over the water behind the distinctive shape of pohutukawa?

On the way back the lone paddle boarder and his dog left a trail on the perfectly flat water, cyclists started to appear chattering back and forth as they hurtled along, and the early workmotorists complete with coffee cups in their hands hit the road.

My legs had been working fine for nearly an hour and I felt like I was on holiday...briefly...then I went home, and went to work.