Sunday, 24 February 2013

Karen writes: Oh, less than a week to go

Yeah.  Less than a week.  I looked on facebook and saw a post from the Ironman people with a picture of a big number 8 saying "8 more sleeps to go" and felt happy.  Then realised I hadn't checked facebook for days and that it had been posted on Friday.

Went for a run this morning, 18km, less than what was on the plan, but I couldn't see the point in making myself feel more tired than I already do, why do I feel so tired and my legs so prickly and sluggish when I have gone from a peak of 15 hours training down to less than 10?  I'm waiting for the promised excess of energy to kick in from tapering, when am I going to start pinging off the wall with surplus enthusiasm I ask myself.  This morning's run was pleasant, I went lighter on the breakfast and felt better, I've tried several times but the advice to have a huge early breakfast before Ironman obviously isn't going to work for me.  It got hot, there were lots of cyclists and runners around, and swimmers charging up and down the bay, I saw a woman wearing a pink swimcap from last year's Ironman, I understood the impulse.

So I've been packing in advance.  I packed my wetsuit which I had taken into a repair place last week to get some of the bigger holes repaired, including the rather annoying one in the crotch which allows rather distracting boluses of cold water in at intervals. The quote was more than I paid for the thing off Trademe last year (it was only expected to last for ONE Ironman), so I brought it home again and I got out the sewing kit and if I say so myself did quite a neat job.  Must remember to be careful putting it on in case I pull the stitches out right before the main event, but it seemed quite strong as I mainly sewed the fabric stuff on the inside.  My important clothes are washed and dried and put away, found the supporters T'shirts from last year, and I'm now feeling twitchy because it seems much more real.

Real.  Work tomorrow and Tuesday, The girls go to school on Wednesday morning then they get picked up at lunchtime and we hit the road. It's real alright.