Thursday, 2 May 2013

Karen writes: Tomorrow

When you say 'tomorrow', it can be a word of hope (you still have time to put something off), or anticipation (looking forward to it), or trepidation (drat, it happens tomorrow).  All of those faces of tomorrow are relevant to exercise, and at the moment, they are all present and accounted for in my head as I'm on the steep downward slope to Rotorua Marathon, just a day away.

It may be a slippery slope too...see the weather forecast
But after the immediate set of tomorrows, after I find out if my somewhat gentle marathon training actually gets me over the finish line in something more related to running than crawling, then there is a whole string of much more worrying days to be called tomorrow.  I have to get back on my road-bike which got put in the shed on the 3rd of March without even having the various tool bags and bits and pieces removed.  It still has Taupo dirt and during-Ironman sweat on it, and when I next actually mount that saddle I will be thinking "the last time I rode this...".

I don't want to ride my bike.  I don't want to clean the memories off it with soap and water and grease spray, I don't want to pump the tyres up with Auckland air instead of Taupo air, but most of all I really don't want to do something I find hard work...cycle.  That is a sad attitude. But fortunately it is probably temporary.