Friday, 14 June 2013

Kate writes:Money

I have been doing over time for 3 months to help out at the hospital. It has also helped pay my Visa bill. I have finished the extra work and have reached a target on the Visa, so today I went shopping. I also had another excuse, my Nike sports watch had stopped working. I went into Rebel sports and they were so good and said yes I could have a new one. But I wanted to upgrade it to one with GPS. Yes I could do that and buy a heart rate strap to go with it. So $200 later I'm off to play with my new toy. I then went next door to Briscos to look at electric blankets. My little house is great but a little cold and damp. They were on sale $39:99. I had to think hard about this one, could I really afford it? I mean its a bit of a luxury! You can see where my passions are, running, biking, swimming, no problem with finding money, but an electric blanket well that's just a ridiculous buy.

P.S. I did buy it though :)