Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Kate writes: never belive what Camp mother says....


Sunday 9th June 2013, 10:00am start, Hunua Falls car park

Yes - Its that time of year that you need to get wet and dirty.  This club event has been designed to have a difficulty rating between "easy peasy to survivalistic".

Leg 1: Road Cycle, 30km. May have some flat sections.
Leg 2: Run, 9km. Will I stay dry?
Leg 3: Mountain Bike, 20km. Pure downhill pleasure.

This was the advert for the multi sports club outing. Yes I can do that I thought, no problem.  The road cycle was down and up hills, most of which I had done. That's half the battle when you know you can do it. But it was raining, well actually hailing. I was well prepared, loads of layering of clothing and a hat. So up the hills we went and I made them all. Back to the carpark and a quick change of clothes. Dry ones, even dry socks. I went off with one of the ladies who had an injury to her ankle. It was going to be a good walk. 

Over the bridge at Hunua falls and the water fall was loud and flowing well. Down the hill we went and there was a stream. One of many that I did not realise I had to wade through.  Yes I can do this I thought and off we went.  Well the tough got going and we scrambled over rocks clinging to the sides of the river bank, holding onto any tree that looked solid. I needed a helping hand occasionally but otherwise was OK.

We then got to this bigger river. All I could see was the headline news " women ill-prepared lost in a swollen river, what did she think she was doing?" but we were sensible, HaHa. We found a large tree and stretched it across the river to help us a cross, but one step out and off it went. We knew if we went in here we were going to be swept away down stream. Mind you, it was still water 20 meters down stream so you could see where you would end up. But no, we turned back to look for another crossing. After a moment we could see the tracks of the boys who had gone before us, only 10 meters further up stream. Across we went. Now I don't usually swear, but when the cold water met my middle a rude word followed by camp mothers name (the person who had organised the event). This happened several more times as the water level was higher than expected.

I had such fun! I'm a bit of a woos but had the time of my life. We arrived back at the car park after nearly 3 hours, wet and hungry but full of excitement. Off to the pub for a well deserved lunch. Interestingly the boys thought that we would have turned around and not finished. Well we did the whole event and finished with a smile.

The only problem is I 'm now hooked to adventure running.  Coast to coast here I come!