Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Kate writes: it was all my fault!

I usually blame Karen. Its always her fault, she got me into this sporting thing! But a couple of weekends a go it was all my fault. On the Saturday my swim group decided to have an adventure. Let's go mountain biking from Port Waikato to the caves 28km, morning tea and then onto Waingaro Hot Springs another 30km.

Firstly I have never been mountain biking or had a mountain bike, secondly I had booked a bike race on the Sunday with Karen and my brother-in-law David at Okoroire, a 70k. But it was going to be fun so why not!

I decided before I went that I would only do the first half. Lets be sensible, haha. I borrowed a bike and off we went, 8 of us in all. Well what fun it was. Mountain biking is so much fun. Hills, what hills? The bike has so many gears it was easy. Amazing countryside, lots of hills and green grass. We got to the cafe and I stopped. We had a van and a man and a trailer. 3 others carried on until 40km and then stopped and the last 4 went all the way to the pub and the hot pools. A good soak in the Waingaro Hot pools was well deserved.

The next day off I was again with Karen and David in tow on our 70km bike race at Okoroire. Well the pace was fast and off everyone else went. The aim of our day was to get David through though. It was his first race and he had only ridden 45k before so it was going to be fun. There is a saying about enjoying yourself and smelling the roses. Well that's what we did. We enjoyed ourselves, looked at the scenery, looked at the houses and gardens and smelled the roses. We were the last ones in, but what fun we had. David said "never again", but by the time we got home he could not stop talking. I think he now understands about eating and drinking while exercising. Also about Chamois cream! Sore parts!

So as I said it was all my fault but a good week end was had by all. Roll on the summer.