Saturday, 5 October 2013

Karen writes: Nearly ready to come home

Back in Barcelona via a 2 hour train-trip from Zaragosa on a train that got up to 300km/hour according to the digital readout in the carriage.  After a little walk around new and unfamiliar streets on the opposite side of the city from where I stayed last time, I’m in a motel room on the 4th floor being treated to a magnificent show of thunder and lightning out of my window which looks west to a range of hills. 

The 6 days since the marathon have been spent mainly walking, walking and pursuing food.  I re-visited lots of the places I ran on Sunday, and have walked to cathedrals and museums and roman marketplaces and bridges (as usual over and under multiple times).  

I'vĂ© been so impressed with how both Zaregosa and Barcelona look after the walkers and cyclists.  Almost every street has a light which allows pedestrians to cross with ease, no buttons to push, you take your turn with the traffic and drivers seem to take stopping seriously.  Cycle lanes are fabulous, many are in separate spaces and even those on the actual roads have plenty of space and often barriers which would deter a car from crossing over.

I haven’t run, haven’t even thought about it actually, and given I get on a plane early the day after tomorrow, running isn’t going to happen till I get back to Auckland.  There has been no evidence that I ran a marathon, apart from some tiredness, but I cant help but wonder how much that has to do with some sort of residual body clock thing, sleep and waking and mealtimes remain arbitrary, and getting out of routine and forgetting the thyroid pills probably doesn’t help.

Tonight I have for the first time put on shoes which are more about looks than being able to walk for miles.  And a summer dress.  Comfort is something you get too attached to when you have to obsessively protect your feet from damage, or want to move with freedom, climb stairs and follow dodgy paths. 

As I type I keep getting distracted, the lightning is gorgeous, even better because I’m not out in it and I can just admire the view.  When it settles it should be close enough to 8pm (most food places arent open till this time for evening meals, this is tough for a hungry kiwi!) then I will be off to find food.  Again.

No swimming in Zaregosa...
I have made myself look at my training plan for next week, funny to be sitting here in stormy Barcelona, 19,000km from home, and thinking about dragging my bike out of the shed and heading off to Clevedon out the back of Auckland. I need to do some swimming too so I can turn up at my swimming lesson in a couple of weeks and be able to keep my head above water, but cycling is the priority.

Only about 8 weeks to go until the Taupo cycle challenge, then a couple of weeks after that is Rotorua Ironman.  Kate is already half trained as far as I can see for both events!