Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Kate Writes: Mountain biking

The message was"Mountain Biking Tuesday evenings. Waiuku Forest starting Tuesday 1st October
Meet Mine Site entrance for a 5.30pm start. Plan is to follow the SMIM Course 
With Daylight saving changing this weekend this will give us plenty of light to train on the SMIM Mountain Bike course or just get out and have some fun.
There will be someone from the Sunset Coast Multisport Club each week to show you the way, or just follow the markers already put out."
So why not go I thought! silly Idea. The SMIM (steelman ironmaiden is an event the multisports club put on each year have a look .) 
 I was lucky that  a fellow slow rider came as well and knew the route, as the fast bikers were off. It was an amazing evening. 2 hours of riding off road through the forest with the West Coast on one side and woods on the other. Through puddles and sand. I only got off once when i thought i might fall but it was great fun. roll on next week :)