Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Kate writes: Swim in the sea

Sunday was the Herne bay masters swim in Auckland. Yes I can swim 2.2km, I think. You know you can do these things but sometimes you need to be reminded. It was a great day, the sun was shining and hardly any wind, the sea was flattish.  I registered late and had a white cap. They sent us off in waves and the white caps went first. Bit of a shock, no one to follow. Anyway it was not long before I could follow the ones in front. We swam towards the island, but were soon pushed over to a buoy by one of the boats. Now we had been told not to go that way but you do go the way you are told. I had just got  to the buoy and another boat said we were going the wrong way. No need to get upset, I mean we were just out for a swim so off to the island we went. There was a bit of a current and it seemed to take ages but eventually I got there. Another boat was close by. I always wonder do they think I'm not going to make it or am I just the last one in the sea? Still another km to go and the wind picked up. In I came, my hat fell off and my hair fell in my eyes, BANG into another body. Oops. Came into the finish line, 48 mins. Pretty good for me.