Thursday, 12 December 2013

Karen writes: Goliath

Some situations are just plain surreal.  Straddling my bike at the side of the road at an intersection I waited for a break in the traffic so I could safely go. A massive truck and trailer unit with much noise and air movement wedged itself in beside me. I mean, this was shoe-horn finesse going on here.  I was in a something of a state of disbelief  as I stood next to this hulking great monster while it wheezed heat and fumes into my breathing space.  Wow it was big.  Oh, and I was small.

What a mean thing to do, talk about intimidation! I looked quickly around, no-one watching, I reached over (it was THAT close) and drew a quick and tiny happy face on a dusty, mirrored, wheel center.

Got you I thought rather madly, then I hopped my bike sideways into the gravel as far away from the beast as I could get. As soon as I could I continued on my way, take that Goliath!