Friday, 7 March 2014

Karen writes: Sometimes its better not knowing

I swim in the sea during triathlon training season, spend hours in it.  Sea swimming is my main form of swim training because I cant stand the endless grind of going up and down and up and down and up and down in a pool.  Sometimes when I'm doing my version of swim training at the beach I watch intrepid, wetsuit clad, athlete-type people swim way out past the moorings, off into the DEEP water. I don't do that, too worried about what lurks below. Now logic tells me that no-one has ever actually been eaten off Maraetai Beach, not even nibbled a little bit by anything bigger than a sealice, but I still lurk close to the shore.  I do things like swim under the wharf rather than round the outside of it and get worried if a few strokes don't take me back into ground touching distance. I generally act like a bit of a water wimp.

I'm really glad I wasn't chugging up and down the beach last weekend when a pod of Orca decided that they would hunt a stingray into the shallows. HEY you big things with teeth, that's MY swimming spot!

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