Friday, 21 March 2014

Kate writes: The bee passed away

Karen was just commenting on our problems. Well here is another one. I was out riding on Tuesday, going really fast down a hill when I was hit by a bee! I know it was a bee as I brushed it off my face I saw this big black thing! It hurt. Well I'm a nurse and so a hypochondriac, so I though I was going to die. I mean to say I was going into shock. I asked one of the other riders to look at my face and they said it was ok, so off I went for the rest of the ride.

The next day my nose was a little swollen but I did not worry about it and that evening I went swimming. I thought the goggles were a little tight but did not think about it. Well the next day i had overslept and jumped out of bed to find i could not open one eye! looked in the mirror and saw this swollen face. A quick look for my strong antihistamines and off to work. The drugs worked well.

I was working at a gp clinic so like all good nurses asked the GP to have a look. I was advised not to swim or exercise, may need antibiotics and concerns about cellulitis and infection. Not what I was expecting. So again like all good nurses we take the advise we want. Only a little bit of exercise, no antibiotics but some cream for the eye. One of the nurses put the cream in my eyes and that made may vision blurred.

We have an eye clinic at the office so off to see what advice they would give me! Visual acuity alright to drive, no retinopathy (i do not have diabetes so that's good), but I did have a shadow on one eye which was described as a freckle.

Friday is swim day. So I borrowed a pair of diving goggles and a snorkel. I was the only one in the pool so around and around I went. But they did not fit well so I gave that up. So I'm now at home with feet up and a good book. back to running tomorrow.

The Bee died and that was the sad part of the story!