Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Karen writes: Wellington

Another unexpected trip to Wellington, fortunately, taper week, no worries (well, I'm not worried) about doing very little.  I did get out for a run however, and got pleasantly directionally challenged among all of those back streets. It was raining.  I now see why there are so many pedestrian crossing signals at all the intersections, they are to hang onto in the wind to stop foolish runners getting blown into the traffic.

Over 6 km, I felt a bit odd pounding up and down city streets dodging in and out of the serious-suited-ones.  Perhaps they felt even more odd when confronted with a large self propelling object in fluorescent green ducking and diving in their midst.

Anyway, Rotorua half IM is now just two sleeps away.  Kate has convinced me (well, she has the vehicle), that we need to do the early start which the organisers are kindly offering this year to anyone expecting to do over 7 hours.  The idea is that we don't get lonely out in the bush by ourselves at the back of the pack, and it might have the added bonus that the man on the bike who dared try to turn us around last year because the water stations were closing wont have to brave the wroth of certain determined, but slower athletes.

And, importantly, all the beer might not be gone by the time we get to the finish-line.