Sunday, 26 June 2011

Kate writes: long run

Sunday morning and the phone went. I need to get up and run, sun shining, its not raining but I turned over and went back to sleep. Phone rang again, still not raining so up I got, into my running gear. I have a new yellow running jacket from live strong, half price in the Rebel sports sale. It stops the rain and wind. I decided to run up hill from home, I hated every step. Why am I doing this? Why have I signed up to do the iron man? Got to the top of Matakawa hill 5k and off I went at a great speed, down to the fire station and off down Hatton road. Wow I felt better. The clouds were forming and I could see the rain coming. As I hate getting wet I thought I better head for home. Had a lovely run home and no rain. Rushed to the computor to map my run and did 14.5k. Very pleased. no aches or pains, cooked lunch and ready for the rest of the day. I just need to train my self to get out of bed quicker.