Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Karen writes: strength training

Another first.  I did ‘strength training’ last night, not a run!    I had a vague sense of discomfort that I wasn’t off clocking up more kilometres when I had no real excuses not to… I felt fine, I was rested because I had yesterday off, nothing hurt, so why wasn’t I out running? 

The plan again.  That dratted plan which I have committed to do my utmost to follow.   So I did…lunges and sit-ups and press-ups and then some high resistance spin…until I broke the spin bike.   I felt like I hadn’t done enough, must have been doing it wrong!

Back running tonight, there is a 70 minute 'medium' run, and given the current ongoing bad weather, I suspect it will be like Kate's experience last night.   Something to look forward to.