Friday, 17 August 2012

Karen writes: Cuddles and colds

Smallest daughter is making a habit of climbing into bed for a cuddle first thing in the morning, before the alarm goes off in fact. I asked her how she knows it isn't the middle of the night and she says "it's getting light mum".  Hmm, I peer blearily at the windows, she might see it, I don't yet.

Anyway, I love these opportunities to snuggle with a warm, fragrant little person and reflect that it will be only too soon before she grows up and is above these sorts of indulgences with her old mum.  I lie there with her soft little cheek pressed up against my face, feel her little heart pattering away against me, and ask myself this question,

"the kids haven't had colds for months, why do they suddenly get one a week before I run a marathon?"

But I guess that is what echinacea and vitamin C is for.  I'll have the cuddles, as many as I can get.