Thursday, 16 August 2012

Kate Writes: my trip to Dunedin

My daughter Sophie is in Dunedin studying, no really she is studying! So it was time to go and see her. I had two runs planned for the weekend, very exciting running in different places. I was packing on Wednesday evening and could not find the running shoes. I looked everywhere and realised I had left them behind at hot yoga the day before. Well I was as anxious as anything. My running shoes missing and only two weeks to go before the marathon. Also they had the Nike transmitter on them too. Well there was nothing I could do but buy a new pair. We were in rebel sports and I stick to the same style, as they seem to suit me. This time though they are purple and black, does that matter, well not really but will they go with the rest of my running outfit?

So my first run was down to a place called Saint Clair's. It was a beautiful run along roads with traffic! but it was so well worth it when I got to the end of the road. It was East coast waves crashing over the wall and everyone running to stop getting wet.

The next run was down by the new stadium in Dunedin. I had to take a photo to show you it was large. My daughter laughed at the photo but I think its good. They have a walk way all around the stadium and it was fun having a good look around. I thought it would be cold but it was really warm and I had to take the thermals off.

Well the next place I ran was along the inlet? not sure what its called but all the rowing clubs were there and people were getting ready to go rowing, and as we had done really well in the Olympic rowing it was fun to watch. The council in Dunedin are making a walk way and cycle track along side the railway line, it was a good place to run.

Well my last concern was my arm, walking home on Saturday afternoon, no alcohol involved, I slipped over and put my left arm out to save myself. It was over with in a flash, felt a little silly but got up and off home I went. That night I was in bed and the arm throbbed. Oh no its broken- hypochondria rules. I got a bandage the next day and gave it some support and it still twinges but its OK. I though no marathon and no trip to Australia , but I'm OK and so the arm.

It was an eventful trip to Dunedin and the daughter is fine.