Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Karen writes: All will be well...

If I had been a bit more worried, and obviously acted on the worry, a month ago, would I feel better prepared for Saturday's ride?  It is a bit like preparing for an exam, you know (have always been told?) that if you do a little bit every day in a planned way things WILL GO WELL.  Actually, I'm not sure that is always how things work, the best laid plans have a habit of turning custard-like regardless of the amount of preparation but you do OK on the day anyway.

As I am sure will be the case on Saturday.  The PLAN is...everything packed on Thursday... pleasant trip to Taupo on Friday stopping at Cambridge for a light and nutritious snack...check in to the accommodation, unpack and organise everything...have a leisurely and sensible dinner...check equipment, and retire for an early night.  In the morning have a leisurely breakfast...ensure the carefully calculated type and amount of food for energy is packed in line with the well thought out plan for eating and drinking... head down to the startline and off into the yonder for a fabulous day on the road...all will be well.

The REALITY is more likely to be...cant find what I want on Thursday... struggle to get out the door on Friday morning dealing with last minute things at home... wonder half way up the road if have packed cycle shoes (stop the car and unpack boot to check)... miscellaneous aches and pains mysteriously escalate the further from home you get...traffic jams and road works increase the stress levels...cant resist the croissant with ham and egg at afternoon tea so don't feel like that sensible dinner... when unpacking the bike 'ping' a bungee cord against the rear derailer and worry that it might be damaged... feel sick after the less than sensible dinner which was eaten because the experts say you have to... go up to the shops because forgot the sunscreen... go to bed early and listen to the celebrations at the pub next door to the backpackers and wake up at 3am feeling sure there is a smell sulphur from imminent volcanic eruption.  At breakfast realise that there isn't access to a microwave to make the ritual rice porridge which has been practiced obsessively with before exercise at home...finally notice the black marks on the water bottles arent chain grease but mold... feel traumatised making sandwiches with vegemite because sanitarium still not producing marmite and be sure it wont work anywhere near as well... stand around at the startline getting more and more twitchy and hotter and hotter because we booked into a timing group behind a much bigger group and when we finally get going realise an hour into the race that it is 3 hours since last had anything to eat and all the careful planning is completely out the proverbial window...but you know what...ALL WILL BE WELL!

Roll on Saturday.