Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Karen writes: Tick tick

I drove home after work last night in the extraordinary thunder and lightning (and some hail) and pondered the fact that I had an iron-cast excuse for not getting outside on the lighting-rod with wheels otherwise known as a bicycle.  The weather was so scary that even running or swimming weren't a viable option. You only have these sorts of genuine, impossible to ignore excuses when you actually really really want to be training...when you are aware time is ticking away...its nearly time to taper...and you haven't done anywhere near enough work.

I got home and got on the spin bike and pedaled to nowhere for an hour and read my book.  Backlit e-readers are just great when you are out on the covered deck, the light is fading, and unlike real books you can balance them nicely on the handlebars and adjust the font size depending on whether you are sitting up or leaning forward.  Having decided to try to train myself into the 'spinning' rather than 'grinding' style of pedaling, the bonus is that reading is so much easier, I just set the resistance low, and remind myself to pedal fast and read to my hearts content.  It is still however one of my least favourite training activities, perhaps equal with pool-swimming, and oh, hang on, strength training.

Today we had another novel natural event, a rare solar eclipse, last seen in 1965.  I don't however think this counts as an excuse not to go for a proper ride tonight, neither does the current light rain which was not predicted by the weatherman.