Sunday, 4 November 2012

Kate writes: Another busy week

Its been another busy week, but quite fun, It started on Tuesday when I said to Karen that I was riding on my own as the bike group was going mountain biking. She said lets go on a 50 k ride from Maraetai, Clevedon and back. It was hard work and I was late for my meeting but a good feeling. The next ride on Thursday I went out with the boys. They are so much faster than me but kept coming back for me and checking that I was OK another 33k and fast, well for me anyway.

Friday I was off to Wellington for work. I worry about flying so I thought why not train in Wellington. So I arrived at 10am and it was cold and wet! Not a good start, but that was what I was there for. I ran along the water front to the pool and then swam for 2k and then ran back to the hotel. It was great I could then get on with work and having done my training there was no worries.