Monday, 31 December 2012

Karen writes: Starting points

Now it is a difficult sort of decision I am faced with right now.  Do I get serious today, Monday, first day of a new week, or tomorrow, Tuesday, first day of the new year?   Being an expert procrastinator I find no real resolution works for me unless it starts on a Monday, but...its New years day tomorrow, doesn't that mean I  should take advantage of today being the last slack day of the old year?  I read Kate's blog, she is being serious about her training, but then her coach is tougher on her than mine is on me...well, my coach is me...I'm notoriously soft.

I was actually quite pleased with myself having done a pleasant 50km ride in the wind this morning, until I read that Kate had done twice that.  But in my defence I did have an equipment failure, I was riding through Clevedon on the way out on the only patch of smooth tarseal in the district and I became aware of a funny kerthump (technical term) sensation coming from the back of the bike, I stopped and had a look, couldn't see anything so kept going.  Then I hit the rough new tarseal again and I was so busy getting the grdgrdgrdgrd (another technical term) feeling from the whole bike that I no longer noticed the kerthump... so I stopped worrying about it.   On the way back, the kerthump was much stronger, and I wondered about a flat tyre, it turned out there was a big bulge out the side of the rear tyre.  Hmmm, roadside tube change?  Nope, the tyre was still fully inflated and I was a bit worried that if I interfered I might find I couldn't get the tyre to sit right again so I let some air out and mentally chewed my nails for the 15km ride home.  Home, tube ok, tyre knackered, an urgent trip into the bikeshop in Botany was needed as I couldn't face the idea of not cycling for days as I know I am already behind with bike training.  Verdict from the bike-shop man...knackered, funny that. So I now have a very smart looking new bike tyre.

As it is crunch time tomorrow for resolutions, I will most definitely-probably-possibly-maybe start training properly again then.  The programme for Tuesday 1 January 2013 says AM Swim and PM run....oh...actually I feel like a bikeride, perhaps I could start properly next Monday?