Thursday, 13 December 2012

Karen writes: 2 days before Rotorua half IM

I looked at the training plan, I looked at what I did last week, what do you think, was there the remotest bit of resemblance between what I was meant to do and what actually happened? Um, nope.

Last week I took Monday OFF training, Tuesday 1500m swim and 60km bikeride, Wednesday OFF because of an evening meeting (I could have had a morning swim but found excuses not not wanting to smell like a swimming pool and mess my hair up...yes...pathetic), Thursday 50 minute read on the spinbike, Friday OFF, Saturday 2km swim, Sunday 19km run.  Being my own coach I have to ask "where did 3 days off come from, they weren't in the plan?" and "what happened to the 'brick' or back-to-back sessions which were?"

This week, Monday OFF, Tuesday 50km bikeride, Wednesday 8km reluctant run, today...a short sea swim. That makes 3 training sessions out of the scheduled 6 and not one was the right amount.  Oops.

Tonight is is decision making time because for triathlon you need a heap of stuff for the 3 disciplines but there is also the 'this cycleshirt, or that one' aspect, will it be hot (probably), will we hit wind (possibly) or rain (unlikely), who has made off with my favourite socks, to wear tri-shorts or...gulp...penguin suit, oh just pack a variety of everything.

List of essential triathlon equipment to pack:
  • bike
  • pump/tools/chain lube
  • various assorted bike bits like computer, foodbag, underseat bag with spare tubes etc
  • drink bottles x 2 - not my favourites though, they get swapped at drink stations.
  • box with lid to put transition stuff in
  • running shoes and socks (preferably in matched sets)
  • running shirt
  • running hat
  • sunglasses x 2
  • cycle shoes and socks
  • helmet
  • arm covers
  • cycle shirt (this blue one or that blue one?)
  • gloves
  • jacket (because I am paranoid no matter how good the weather forecast is)
  • towel for drying off after swim, try to put tight clothes on when soaking wet and see what I mean
  • fuelbelt with gels, sticking plasters, panadol, and tabs to put race number on
  • drink bottle x 1 - for swim to bike transition and recovery
  • wetsuit
  • swim cap and goggles (x 2)
  • tri-pants (or penguin suit)
  • sports bra - not the grotty one as it will be visible getting changed
  • waterproof watch with lip-dip
  • anti-chafe - chamois cream and wetsuit anti-chafe
  • sunscreen - waterproof, highest protection factor around
  • leg band for transponder
  • breakfast ingredients - rice porridge/rice milk
  • extra nutrition - white bread/marmite/honey, gels
  • entry details for registration
  • roller to prevent/treat tight ITB
Just as well the family isn't any bigger, there wouldn't be any room in the car for them with all my sports junk!