Monday, 17 December 2012

Kate writes: trials and tribulations of a half

Well what can I write about the weekend. It was Hard, Hot and Hilly.

Swim: the water was still the buoys were big and I had a great swim. 48 mins a minute slower than last year but no panic attacks felt good.

Bike: Weather hot, had a nice ride out, thought I was doing OK at 24k an hour for the first part out around the lake, then the hills and lack of energy. I had gels and sandwiches but no caffeine, maybe that's the problem!  Came over a hill and loads of little rocks on the road, thought I was going to fall but no, still on the bike. There were 10 bikes behind me but no one in front. It can be quite lonely out there. I averaged 22k on the way home. But it was hilly! Not happy with that, need to work on food intake and drink and keep the speed up. 4 hrs and 9 mins - 11 mins slower than last year.

Run: By now the sun was up. I had drunk all my water 3 bottles and had a 4th bottle of hot water to drink at transition. I really did not want to run! I walked up the first hill, drank more water, had caffeine gel. Ran into the bush, that was nice and cooling. I was at the back of the pack but there were people in front of me, people to catch and pass! But had I missed the turn off. No worries I thought, I will just go around the lake 4 times if that's the case. But no, I had not missed it and off I went downhill!  Not expecting that, a very long down hill run. Found my running streak and off I went. The road went on and on. I had lost my Hanky and had to sniff the rest of the race. I love my Hanky I hate the uncouth people that do not use one! But still the run must continue. The views were amazing, I had time to stop and look. I was wondering how I could get out of doing this run! It was hot and I was tired. I know I thought to myself if someone else collapses in front of me I will have to do the nursey thing and stop and look after them! Well the next thing I knew was severe pain in my left ankle as I rolled it. I was in the middle of a desert. Bad language came out of my mouth. It really hurt *#*#.  I tentatively put my foot down and it was OK but if I ran on uneven ground it hurt. OK I will just have to watch out. Serves me right for wishing bad things on others. There was water at the far end of the road and I drank loads. It was a long run to the next water stop. As I ran onto the lakefront again I saw a friend in the ambulance. I stopped to check if she was OK and found two other friends looking after her. Dehydration and a cold had got to her. I'm surprised that there was not more people with dehydration as  it was very hot. Last lap and into the finish with a time of 2 hrs 40 mins - 4 mins FASTER than last year. Well I do not know how that happened, hated the run, well actually the walk,  but still, over all not a bad day.

Total time 7 hrs 39 mins. 9 Mins slower than last year but on a totally different course.

Today I am sore and having a second day off. I did have a bruise on my ankle , battle scar but its gone today. Back to training tomorrow. I promise :)