Sunday, 24 February 2013

Kate Writes: the good the bad and the ugly

I lost my new goggles a few weeks ago when some young lads wanted to sink the RB I was in. So I had to go and buy some new ones. I went to Kohi Beach to swim my usual Thursday swim and went back to the Blue seventy hut to get another pair. Well they had sold out of the pair I wanted and had sold them all to the organiser of the event. Go and have a chat with him they said. So off I went and asked him if I could buy a pair off him. Do you want them now he asked. Yes please. He had to drive home to get them for me. I was very impressed by his help. whilst waiting for him to return I talked to the photographer and commented on the awful photo she had taken of me the previous week and she promised me a better one. Which I did get. I thought yes this is a good day. But then the swim started. I was set to do 2k swim but it was a bit choppy and I was struggling, but I was going to persevere. The next thing  that happened was that I was grabbed by the ankle and abused verbally that I had swam over this girl. Well I was in front but no way had I swam over her. It shock me up and took a little bit of time to settled back into the swim. It was a good to experience before the big event,but not one that I want to experience again.
Last Thursday was my last Ocean swim. I was concerned if it was going to be a bad experience would that by OK or not, so I was a little concerned getting down to the beach, but then the water was almost flat. So Yes I was going to do 2k swim and complete it. I had a great swim, it got a bit choppy towards the 2k marker but I managed it well and when I got home I turned around and watched the rest of the swimmers coming in. I was not last and had a good swim.
Roll on next week!