Sunday, 3 March 2013

Karen writes: Cooking Dinner as an Ironman

It's Sunday evening, I'm home, peeling potatoes.  I am an Ironman, so is Kate.

7am yesterday morning we stood in the beautiful lake Taupo as the sun woke up alongside 1500 or so other athletes, 15 hours 41 minutes later I was finished. The Voice of Ironman called my name out and told me I was an "IRONMAN", Kate had the same nearly 40 minutes earlier.
Me just over the finish line, Kate has already been in for over half an hour
We were both awake in the early hours of this morning, couldn't sleep, the first breakfast was at about 5am.  A little run proved that my legs worked and I had a look at the remnants of the day long celebration down by the lake, then sat on a chair to survey the start line and think for a bit. I've eaten more mini-meals today than I can count and not much of it would make it past the nutritionists.  The car trip home was a bit tough, I'm glad I wasn't driving because I kept drifting into puddles of tiredness which I came out of after a little while but it made the day a long, inefficient, blurry muddle.  I predict several more meals, and a good sleep tonight, and maybe 2 v energy drinks to get me through Monday at work.

So too muddled to write more, full reports from both Kate and me over the next few days and pics.  Thanks so much for all the wonderful messages with good wishes and encouraging thoughts, the amount of support has been awe-inspiring.

Now we know the two year journey to Ironman has been awfully long but we haven't forgotten our key reason which was to fundraise for Diabetes care in Christchurch.  Some people have already kindly made donations but we would still really appreciate some more support, no matter how small...the link is right here...