Sunday, 10 March 2013

kate Writes: I'm an Ironman - before the event

Its taken me a week to sit down and put my thoughts together, so here it goes.....
I arrived in Taupo on the Wednesday before the event. I wanted loads of time to get ready. As I arrived in Taupo I had a txt from the daughter in Dunedin, can you ring me. My heart dropped, she never asks me to ring, what was the disaster that had happened. Well I rang and the problem was that she had a blister on her foot from playing netball. whee it was ok.

We had hired the same house as last year which is a lovely big house, room enough for the 2 families. I cooked dinner, which was a shock as I have not cooked for months now. We planned a bike ride and a run in the morning, nice and early before the sun comes up. This was mainly to check that the bike still worked.

We had to register on the Thursday and get our race pack. It was very exciting, we had tattoos to put our race numbers on. I went to the carbo loading party and then discussion on the race. The joke was that as we had done a half last year we only had to do a half this year as two halfs makes a whole, hahaha.

Friday morning we went for a quick dip in the lake. Only out to the first marker and back. It was well worth doing it as you could see the whole course from the midway point and it really did not look that far... Tui advert time  ... Too right....  We had to take our bikes and packed bags into the change over area. It was a matter of checking where the bike was and where was the exit and entry points. It really was going to happen. I met up with a friend who I had trained with and had a good gossip. The Daughter and friend arrived and more gossip and then my sister and brother in law. WOW the house was full and it was time for bed.