Thursday, 13 June 2013

Kate writes: Friends

Monday night is swim night. Its also run night but I've have had a few weeks off due to my knee injury. This week its the day after my little run in the Hunua hills. So a little stiff and sore, so a swim seemed the most sensible thing to do.

I was taking it easy and only doing 50 meter laps, the rest of the group were doing 100 meter laps. But that's ok, legs hurt. I noticed that one of my friends in the fast lane was in trouble and I went over to help. She had a splitting headache and could not move. Eventually we got her out of the pool and with support of another nurse it was decided that hospital was the best place to go.

Now we have been swimming as a group for maybe 3 years. We meet 1-2 x a week, but there is basic information that we do not know. I knew that once at the hospital I would be asked: surname, first name, DOB, address, next of kin. None of that information did I have.  As I drove home after the hospital, it made me think of all the lovely friends I have made through my training and that we would all help each other out in a crisis. It really doesn't matter that we do not know the basic details of each others lives, we know we like each other and that we are there for each other.

This message is to celebrate friendship to all those people who have touched my life and support me. I love you all.

Oh by the way my friend is ok!