Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Karen writes: 2013...the year swimming makes sense?

The coolest thing, just had a call from Andrew at Boost coaching, I have actually won a swimming lesson! This was a competition that came through the Ironman people, seems that these things are actually worth the effort sometimes, what a wonderful and useful surprise. Now those who have followed us on our journey to Ironman and beyond know that swimming...for me...ranks right up there with cutting grass with nail scissors or trying to convince a 2 year old that spinach is a better option than chocolate.  Kate goes to her swim club and rockets about in the water with apparent pleasure and piscine grace, I swim under sufferance, I swim with a distinct lack of enthusiasm, I swim to get to the end of whatever torturous length has been set.  I was last voluntarily buoyant in April, that was the King of the Bays harbour swim on the North Shore that Kate inveigled me into. The wetsuit has been bundled up in a drawer since, for all I know the moths might have carried the dratted thing away and part of me would say good riddance to it.

So, the motivation now is, when I get back from Spain, to get in the water and try to remember how to breathe, kick, and rotate arms all at once. I don't really want to embarrass myself TOTALLY by turning up for a swimming lesson being unable to manage 5 meters, but I also figure there probably wouldn't be much point in anyone commenting on swimming technique if I can't...well...swim. Will this be the year swimming, shock horror, becomes enjoyable?  Hmmm, rather a lot to pin on one swimming lesson, but I can dream.  Dream about swimming while I'm running as A has pointed out.  I think not.