Friday, 20 September 2013

Karen writes: Spain here I come

Cleaned my office today so Kate can take over my space while I'm away, we are a bit crowded at the moment with so many projects on the go.  I put the 'stuff' associated with the bigger things I'm working on into separate piles so it is all ready for my immediate attention when I get back, wow organisation! Am I now actually ready to hop on that plane though?  No.

I have a list.  Some things are ticked off... like email accommodation to confirm arrival time... ethics application to supervisor... pre-pay parking... print off necessary bits of paper... check conference times, but lots of things aren't done yet. Like deciding what clothes to take for a 6 day long conference, and making final decisions on what to wear for the marathon.  Like finding the various cords and leads and chargers and now strangely essential bits of electronic equipment.  Like setting up the Skype and making sure everyone knows how to use it so I don't end up in isolation for the two weeks. Like packing for the girls so they can go to their grandparents for school holidays in a weeks time, and like being ready to have last cuddles and say 'see you later' to the whanau for 16 whole days.

It's not helped by the fact that smallest daughter spent last night vomiting. Me and the washing machine worked hard, but not as hard as she did, she was a much showered and sad wee soul this morning. Hopefully she will be feeling better tonight, and first thing tomorrow I can wave goodbye knowing they are all well and happy and in excited anticipation of what mum will bring them from overseas.

So tomorrow I catch that plane. Then I'm going to a conference and I'm catching a train and I'm going to run a marathon in Zaragoza.  I read those words and to this little-traveled kiwi they make little sense. Perhaps when I finally get there it will sink in!