Monday, 30 September 2013

Karen writes: VII Maraton de Zaragoza

It's 2pm here.  What a day it's been!  Another marathon, this time pretty far out of my comfort zone in faraway Spain. Anyway, just to put on record that I have finished, around 5 hours, my slowest ever but that isn't always what necessarily counts. It was very hot for a winter trained kiwi with the official temperature reaching 27 degrees, but some of the street thermometers saying 31, I sure felt it out there.  I took salt capsules every hour and drank more water than I ever have, and made full use of the sponges provided, a wet hat made all the difference on those long exposed stretches of road.or winding around the narrow, airless, cobbled streets.

I will write up more about it when I have found food and had a that order.  Some evidence though..after the finish

My girls wanted me to carry a kiwi, this little guy was attached to my hat, a few people recognised it as a kiwi but most called it 'animal'.