Monday, 16 September 2013

Kate Writes: Dunedin marathon

FINAL_2012-MORO_Fullmap.jpgI wrote this blog a week ago, but my Internet has been off so its a little late. ..

My daughter Sophie said she would like to do a half marathon with me so I found this one in Dunedin. But when I looked at the route the full marathon went from the Albatross colony all the way along the coast and back out on the other side to Port Chalmers. So I booked the full Marathon.  Sophie has great plans but no training so it was great that she actually borrowed  a friends car and was there at the end cheering me on, and then took me home.

I completed the marathon. Wow it was great. The road went along the edge of the harbour .  It was a beautiful day and the sun shone. It was a quite run and most of it I ran on my own, but talked with a few people. I came in at 5hrs and 20 minutes. A little slow but I can still walk so that's good.