Monday, 9 September 2013

Kate writes: handing over the money to Christchurch

Wednesday I went to Christchurch to the Diabetes nurse Symposium, it marked the conclusion of one part of our amazing journey.  Karen and myself had signed up for Ironman 2012 and as part of that wanted to fundraise for something meaningful, preferably to do with diabetes. The Christchurch earthquake happened about the same time and we both immediately felt that we would like to give something to the staff at the Christchurch diabetes center, the Board of the Diabetes Projects Trust agreed. It took us two years to complete our Ironman due to the event being cancelled the first year. This visit to Christchurch was the ideal opportunity to pass over the money raised.

I presented a 5 minute presentation on what the Ironman was all about and then handed over a cheque for the $1500 our wonderful supporters had donated. They are planning to spend it on something special. Thankyou to everyone who donated. We were really glad we could do something to show our colleagues and friends down in Christchurch that others care, I was thanked by so many people at the meeting it was humbling.

As Christchurch continues to get back to it's feet, we wish everyone all the best.