Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Kate Writes: Recovery run - Yeah right

The plan was to meet about 5.20 at Kentish Carpark to leave punctually at 5.30 pm and drive out to the end of Coe Rd and do a circuit from there looking at the options. It was suggested to bring your head torches if you have one. We would run 6-7kms and estimate will run for about one hour to be back at Kentish by about 6.45 - 7 pm.

No problems I thought, a little run on the road planning the new route for Ironmaiden/Steelman event. I can do that. But what I had not planned for was the run around Casterways and hills, cowpoo and mud. The daylight had gone by the time we finished. I was climbing over barbed wire and crawling under electric fences. My new trainers were covered in a lot of unmentionables and have been out side for a few days trying to get rid of the mud.
I saw this comment on a web page and thought , how true a saying.  If I stayed in my comfort zone I would be sitting at home watching TV, instead I was out having an amazing time.

The run was all off-road. It was across farmland. There were cows and sheep everywhere. Mud and poo all over the place and you had to watch your step. I got my feet caught up with brambles and tripped a few times till I learned to pick my feet up better. The sun was setting and the views were amazing over the west coast. A few hills but not bad. We got back to the Kentish for some refreshments and I could see blood on my legs from the brambles, but it was just part of the great evening out.