Monday, 14 October 2013

Karen writes: Going triathlon again

I went for a bike-ride on Saturday and managed a whole 20 km on a blustery day with occasional hail, that's 1/8th of the distance needed for the next event.  Went for a run on Sunday, did a lethargic 16 km, that's pretty ok, I can manage the half marathon distance if I can stay at that level.

Today, Monday I was determined I would have a swim, I haven't swum since May.  I went to work with my swimming gear and at the end of the day went over to the Otara pool.  It was SHUT for maintenance.  But I was so committed, I drove home, dug out the wetsuit, squished into the thing with less trauma than I had expected given the scales are telling me a really, really sad story, and went over to the beach for a swim. I managed 300 seriously chilly meters I estimate, oh, only 1700 m to go!