Monday, 18 November 2013

Kate Writes: You would be proud of me?

Yes we had a great ride but .... I had a puncture/flat tyre. This is my second flat this year, the last one I had a wobbly bottom lip and cried as I felt hopeless in how to change a tyre, especially the back one. But this time I was convinced that I could manage. I also had GI Jane with me (AKA Karen). We were going up a hill on a very small windy road and I thought the road was a bit Bumpy, but no my back tyre was flat. Off to the side of the road and safety we went. The Back tyre is the hard one as it has gears to contend with. But we got the wheel off and the tyre and put the new inner tube in. But it was not sitting right so after a little time of trying to get it to fit we just put another one in.  All ready to get back on the road. The one casualty though was Karens bar of Chocolate. It had been sitting in the sun and had melted. Very SAD.