Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Karen writes: New Red Scott

I have my new bike.  It has quick release wheel thingys, it took me ages to get the wheel off and wedge it in the car so I'm not sure why they are called quick release, there doesn't seem to be much quick about them but I am assured they are more secure. This is the bike I would never have considered buying, it wasn't remotely in the family budget and besides I loved my old bike. Why would I buy a new one when I was perfectly content to complain and grizzle about my old girl, she always got me home after all, and the thing about having something a bit worn and scruffy, you don't have to be obsessive about looking after it.

But now I have this brand new bike, luckily I got it really cheaply as it is a model from a previous year but it gives me pause for thought when I think about the replacement value. I understand why some think cycling is an expensive thing if the option is to just go out and buy such an item at full price, it seems like such a lot of money for something non-essential. But the mean looking red machine is now mine after 3 hours of bike fitting to first priority of comfort, next priority of some degree of efficiency, and lastly that all such important items as my pink bell were installed.  I watched the bare-basics bike, which I have to admit didn't really incite any feelings of adoration in me to start with, begin to take shape as Tong from the Scott/Avanti Outlet store attached my various bits and pieces.  My seat went on, heights were adjusted, angles changed and I perched on it on the wind trainer and pedaled on instruction. Leg straight, heel down, look forwards, heel up, lean forwards, back, look forwards. Gradually I could imagine the bike folding itself around me, becoming mine.  Then I got to take it for a strop around the carpark to see how it really 'felt' and I found myself starting to fall in love. Wow, talk about light, wow, the gears WORK, ohhh, the brakes dont squeal. I cant wait to take it on a real road tonight, and shock horror, might even be looking forward to the planned 160km on Friday.

My biggest problem now is that I have nothing to wear with a RED bike, the blue branded gear will clash, my blue/grey helmet will look odd, pink cycle shoes with red? Ah...there may have to be some essential shopping come next pay-day, and after 3 years perhaps it is time for a new outfit for this Ironman.