Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Karen writes: Bugs

Bugs are causing me problems.

I was sailing along on my bike, mouth must have been open. Instant decision, do I swallow whatever flew in since it went to the back of my throat then wash it down quickly in the hopes that it drowns quickly, or stop and ....well, stop and what? Of course after the immediate panic and relief that the shock didn't result in a close-up encounter with the drain on the side of the road, and after swallowing, there is always the period of wondering if whatever it was, was a) was poisonous, b) had a stinger, and c) had just come out of the cow paddock. Oops.

I had been swimming along in the tide, in my wetsuit and didn't realise until afterwards that I had somehow picked up some sealice.  Can I really blame the little things for being disturbed enough to turn my neck into an itchy red mess while they were firmly compressed against my skin by the wetsuit collar? Oops.

The ubiquitous croc shoes live on the doorstep at home.  These are essential to the sport-minded wardrobe, being ideal wear to the beach before a swim, or put on to get down to the road with the bike before putting on cycle shoes, or just comfortable enough to give punished feet a bit of a break.  What is it about the pale green pair that ensures cicadas really want to attach themselves in order to shed their skins?  Crunch.  Oops.

Don' t get me started on the cockroach that tried to take up residence in my on-bike food bag.