Friday, 28 February 2014

Karen writes: Waiting waiting waiting

Everyone else is resting.  I'm meant to be resting but my brain is going at a hundred miles an hour and pre-event paranoia is in full swing.  This morning we got up early for the Ironkids race, that was great as the girls had Sam Warriner to lead their warm-up and inspire them.
Then it was time for a swim with Kate, and later we went down to the venue to drop off my bike which had to be inspected, and I had to hand over my transition bags.  Of course we then had to explore the expo.  It was the second trip for me to pick up things I had forgotten, like the neoprene thingy to attach the timing transponder onto my ankle, new goggles, more anti-chafe, and a few extra items I really didn't need at all. Then we filled in competitions to win entry to next years Ironman, and had to stop at the nutrigrain stand where they had been handing out vast quantities of cereal and nitrigrain bars.   Tomorrow it all happens, outside it is sunny and windy, not a thunderstorm or volcanic eruption in sight to get me out of this one.