Monday, 24 February 2014

Kate writes: East Coast

I've not been on holiday for a long time so when I got an invite to go to the East Coast with one of my running mates, I jumped at the idea. I've never been to the East Coast so why not. I packed my tent, bike, swimming gear and running gear and off I went. The instruction I had was get to Tauranga and turn right and keep going for 3 hours and then you will be there. The Hills were big and I thought why am I riding my bike down here. Well the first day I went fishing. That was great but I had had enough of that so the next day I road off to hicks bay, about 45k from the house. No phone coverage. I had a puncture at 20k, no problems I can change a tube, but a bit of an anxious time. Then my derailleur had a big noise come out of it and I could not change down a gear.   I had to get off bike and manually change down a gear. The consolation was the views. we are so lucky here to have such beautiful places to visit and see.

The logging trucks passed me on the other side of the roads, they even stopped at one way bridges for me to pass. The next day off for another ride. 5k from home another puncture. Changed tube and then bang I caught it in the tyre. I had no spares and I was away from home. Luckily I got a lift home and found a spare in the back of the car and was ready for another days riding.

As you might know running is not my favourite thing, but I thought I would run along the coast to the White Church. Not sure how far it was but a lovely run. It was 8k from the house. Well why not add a few more ks in and do 21k? I felt very pleased with myself as I did it twice during the week.

A great Holiday was had and a bit of training. Oh and by the way -  no swimming as the boys caught a very big shark on the first day and that put me off :(