Friday, 24 May 2013

Karen writes: Some things are just different enough to be cool.

The link to a group called 'moonjoggers' turned up on my facebook page.  It turned out to be a group of running people taking a unique approach to encouraging increased physical activity.  Their aim was to count running or walking miles to cover the 380-odd-thousand km distance required to get to the moon, a virtual moon trip. In fact, I see that today they have achieved their aim with the help of 100's of people from 40 different countries, it seems that they might be on their way back to Earth again after a bit of exploring.

I couldn't resist, I had to join, and I have clicked on the 1000 mile (1600km) option to be achieved by the end of the year.  Now that is going to require an average of around 52km/week from now on, 10km more than I currently do.  Actually if I can't get the running up high enough I can count my walking, which at about 15km/week more than covers the extra distance but the intent is to run more. Shame I wont be able to count the cycling or swimming component when triathlon training kicks in, it would be a super fast trip.

There is also a 'strawberry moon' virtual event for June which I am thinking about, half marathon, 10km or 5km distances, you do whichever when it suits between a range of dates (16-30 June). Completion comes with...wait for it...a medal!  What, shallow, me?  Actually there is a slight mitigation of the shallow effect, entry fees contribute to a really good cause.

So I now know what a strawberry moon is, I've committed myself to run/walk 1600km in the next 7 months, I have a new and different sort of event to think about (there is really only one answer here, my curiosity requires that I have to enter), and I've joined a somewhat different version of the usual running community, one with an international flavour and some great intentions.  And, as Kate said..."WHY NOT?" I do think we need a New Zealand contingent though...anyone else up to the challenge? Check Moonjoggers out here.