Friday, 9 November 2012

Kate writes: Two get lost in Hunua

Well the question is did we get lost or just have fun? Karen and I went off for a long ride today, we followed the route of the SRAM tour de ranges going around the Hunua hills. Well I think we actually went over them, there were some very long and big hills. But at one stage we had a T intersection in the road, one way was to Auckland the other to Tauranga. We could not work out where we were. Luckily there was a shop and help was on hand. A new bottle of water was bought and new directions and off we went. It was a beautiful day and when we came to the top of one hill we were treated to a lovely sight of the sea and the Coramandel hills. We are very lucky to see such amazing sights.

My friend Mark died this week. He had been ill for a short time and we had time to say goodbye. On days like this we are so lucky to be alive and enjoy life. He always commented about my running thing and bike thingy, he said I was the only one he knew that came in from a run and if offered water or wine I always went for the wine. Well I did deserve it!  He was a great friend and will be missed.